from San Jacinto, Bolivar

These Colombian hammocks are certified 100 % handmade by Colombian craftsmen.  These excellent quality hammocks are the result of Colombian Protection Legal Entity known as “Denomination of Origin”. This certification GUARANTEES that this product is totally made by hand and not manufactured with machines.  Additionally, it satisfies the need to support the social classes less favored economically speaking, but very rich in Colombian culture.  This certification of “Denomination of Origin” can only be used by producers and manufacturers who produce, process, transform and make handicraft products that meet the conditions that guarantees the special quality and provenance.  It is equivalent to a registered trademark and is geographically restricted to the production areas of these handicrafts.  Distributed by MAS Commodities LLC under our brand AMAZONA™.

How are they made?


Fabrication process

1. Wash: The manufacturing process begins with the washing of the threads to be used in the manufacture of the hammocks. This process is done by hand in containers (Bowls) to avoid damaging the threads.    2. Dye: The process of applying the different colors is done with products that are environmentally friendly and free of allergenic chemicals that are completely biodegradable.    3. Wash Dye Thread: The excess ink is removed and the color is permanently fixed to the cotton thread. The result is a strong colored thread with excellent fixation and strength.

4. Dry: As the entire process is done with water-based products, drying removes excess moisture from the yarns and improves the strength of the yarns.    5.Wind: Within this process, the thread is pre-primed to be processed and converted into a hammock. Part of this process “organizes” the color and shapes (Drawings) that the final product will have.   6. Weave: Process in which the threads are weaved to create the shape of the hammock. These are the threads that go from end to end, including the support strings. It should be noted that hand-woven hammocks INCLUDING HANGING THREADS are the same fabric as the hammock.

7. Comb: Clean the yarn arranging them according to length, colors, and shapes, and to remove small imperfections improving the final finish.    8. Knit: The knitting process includes the passage of the weft through the warp.  That is the “transverse” yarn that is placed one by one from a single strand of yarn without cutting it.  This gives a perfect resistance to the edge of the hammock.    9. Finish: Final Hammocks are checked individually by the craftsmen to ensure quality. It should be noted that these handmade products may look alike when using the same designs and colors, but they are NEVER THE SAME. They are one of a kind as it takes one whole week to make each hammock!

Build your own Paradise in your backyard with our famous 100% Handmade Colombian Hammocks.  Rest, chilax, and enjoy yourself in the comfort of your own home.  See some samples picked from Pinterest on how to DIY easily!

Colombian Hammock Sizes Offered by MAS Commodities LLC:

-AMAZONA™ Popular = 2.20 meters long X 1.40 meters wide = (86.61” long x 55.12” wide)

-AMAZONA™ Large = 2.40 meters long X 1.50 meters wide = (94.48” long x 59.05” wide)

Different colors are available.  Any color combination and/or distinctive knitting can be offered upon request.  Please contact us for a personalized quote at info@mascommoditiesllc.com or fill out the form under contact us with any question.  Click below and let us know if you would like to buy individual hammocks by the colors shown.