MAS Commodities LLC is a US company founded in January of 2017.  We are registered as an import/export company created for the distribution and commercialization of Colombian products into the US markets and US products and equipment into Colombian markets.

Based in the state of Texas, we are targeting the Southern States and plan to move into other States as our business grows.  We will start by importing 100%  “Natural Lump Charcoal” called AMAZONA™ followed by “Natural Wood Rocking Chairs” and “Handmade Hammocks” manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Colombia.  We hope to expand into high quality clothing products and tasty fruits such as Pineapples and Avocados.

Our mission is to import products into US markets that are produced and manufactured by small Colombian businesses and entrepreneurs just like us. And, to export equipment and products needed in Colombia to expand these manufacturing facilities and help these businesses grow providing us with greater opportunities to serve and reach more customers in the USA markets.

Our principles: MAS Commodities LLC is committed to help promote the development of small communities close to the port of Cartagena-Colombia.   We strive to offer products of high quality at a fair and competitive value to all of our clients and individual customers.

Our vision:  MAS Commodities LLC wants to be recognized as an importer/exporter of high quality products focusing on the best business practices and fair values all while emphasizing on great customer service and satisfaction.


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